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Leap  by Emma Docherty
Mindful Eating by Emma Docherty
My Womb and Me by Mayella Almazan
Namaste by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Upside Down Memories by Oonagh Linden
Yoga Memories – A  Poem by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
The Humble Soil by Rita Wild
Autumn – Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness by Julie-Anne Mullan
I Love…Meditation By Ruth Pringle
T.R.E.E Guide to Yoga Postures by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Bottle the Good Memories by Julie-Anne Mullan
It’s a Yoga Life by Keshav Rupakheti
Bending Over Backwards by Angela McArdle
Hot Asian Summer Broth by Julie-Anne Mullan
Healthy Coconut Almond Cookie Bites by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Pumpkin Cake with Essential Oil of Mandarin by Mayella Almazan
Namaste Kitchen – Herby Pea Soup by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Namaste Nepalese Kitchen – Roti – Flat Bread by Keshav Rupakheti
Namaste Nepalese Kitchen – Achar by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Namaste Nepalese Kitchen – Khir by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti
Namaste Nepalese Kitchen – Jaulo by Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti


Yuletide Yoga Workshop with Jill Hogan

yoga workshop

Yuletide Yoga

Saturday 30th December 2017

Full Day Workshop

10:30am- 1pm and 2pm to 4:30pm

This workshop is mixed ability and suitable for all  levels.


Cost £50.00

Morning Session only 10:30am -1pm

Cost £30.00

Afternoon Session only 2pm-4:30pm

Cost £30.00


A festive one-day yoga workshop with Jill Hogan.

The morning session is dedicated to the upper back and shoulders – releasing the front of the chest, opening the heart and letting go of any stresses from the year past.

The afternoon session will focus on the lower back and the abdomen, setting a solid foundation to embrace all the possibilities of the year ahead. Finishing off with a nice warm cuppa and a mince pie!


For the maximum benefit the full day is recommended, leaving you feeling stronger, taller and fully refreshed, but you can also attend the morning or evening as individual workshops.

This workshop is mixed ability and suitable for all  levels.


To Book your place contact Jill 07825 005184 email

Or Jennifer or Keshav at the Namaste Yoga Centre, 265A Ormeau Road, Belfast

Leap By Emma Docherty



By Emma Docherty

Every month, I lift 3 cards from my Angel Oracle deck; two cards acknowledge my present self and a third card acts as my challenge for the month ahead. This month’s challenge card was L​eap of Faith,​ and it got me thinking a​lot a​bout how often we cultivate faith in ourselves.

So I asked around. I talked to friends, family and even looked inwards. Pretty quickly I realised just how little self­ faith we have! It’s as though we have developed a default setting to doubt our capabilities. Take our yoga practice for example; how often do you find yourself doubting that you can achieve a complex a​sana or even touch your toes? How many times have you heard people claim “I could never go to yoga, I’m not flexible at all.” when the reality couldn’t be further from the truth! And of course it isn’t just on the yoga mat, we doubt ourselves in all other areas of our lives. But why?

Patanjali explains to us in the Y​oga Sutra t​hat unless we work on having faith in ourselves, we will be unable to transform. If we can focus on practicing and cultivating self­love, self­respect, and self­faith, we can experience love and happiness in abundance. Looking closely at the words used; w​ork, transform, practice, cultivate, we are reminded that our lives are a journey towards a destination and that we should e​xperience t​hat journey to the fullest. Faith leads to courage and courage leads to love.

I fully encourage you to pay attention to how many times you doubt yourself in the next few weeks and focus on replacing that doubt with a positive message to yourself. Y​ou are enough, just as you are! T​ake a leap of faith as often as you can; attempt that pose you’ve been avoiding, hold it for just a few seconds longer than you think you can, push yourself that inch further, and most importantly, congratulate yourself when you do. I hope you will find it as liberating as I did.

I recently read a wonderful Japanese saying. It goes;

Fish live in streams

Birds nest in trees

Human beings dwell

In warm hearts.

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Time: 7pm - 9.30pm

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