Namaste Kitchen – Roti Flat Bread

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Roti – Nepalese Flat Bread

With Spelt Flour

This is Nepalese Bread.

It is often eaten as an alternative to the usual rice and is served with Dal and a vegetable side dish.

It is really easy.


300g  Flour (we used Organic Wholegrain Spelt Flour)

200ml Milk/Water (100mls of each) or just water

Pinch Salt (if desired)



Use a big mixing bowl

Add the flour

Add most of the the liquid (don’t add it all-keep a little back as your flour may not be thirsty enough for it all!)

Use your hands like a claw to mix the flour and water together until blended

It should come together to make a dough (not too wet)

Knead for a few minutes

Divide into 8 equal portions

Roll each portion into a ball shape

Using a rolling pin, roll each ball into a flat disc (quite thin)

Use a gridle or frying pan. Heat the pan on a medium heat

Cook each disc on the DRY pan pressing down any air bubbles that happen

Cook both sides until toasted and golden

Eat immediately!

Great with butter and honey!

or as an alternative to rice with your curry


Namaste And Enjoy!

Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti


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