Welcome to Namaste Yoga Centre, we have been providing quality yoga classes in Belfast City since 2003.

Our Centre has a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere, with gorgeous views of Ormeau park from both rooms.

We teach Classic Yoga in a Dynamic style.

Yoga is a skill that takes time and practice to master.

Start at the beginning and progress through the levels of classes at your own pace.

Did you know that Yoga postures have a progression of difficulty?

Easier versions that are suitable for those who are injured or restricted in their movements.

Standard versions that most people can do.

Advanced versions for those who are quite flexible and have strong core strength and a good fitness level.

We can bring you through all these levels.

This is why we have levels of Yoga classes.

Each class is designed around the level of difficulty and Yoga knowledge.

Pick the class which best suits you at this time.

It is advisable to move and down levels in accordance with your current health and energy levels.

Level 1 – Absolute Beginners yoga – Injured or new to exercise – 60 mins

Level 2 – Beginners – Reasonably fit and healthy and ready to learn yoga – 60 mins

Level 3 – Easier Intermediate – Been doing Yoga regularly for at least 6 months – ready to go beyond Beginners and learn more challenging postures – 75 mins

Level 4 – Been doing Yoga regularly for at least 6 months – Our most challenging class – A Full Body Workout – 90 mins

Express Yoga – A yoga class to increase fitness and build strength with a short guided relaxation at the end. 45 mins

Move up levels as you learn and your fitness, knowledge and strength improves.

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Learn more about our fantastic Yoga Teachers at our Namaste Teachers page.

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We always have an exciting programme of workshops and courses perfect for those looking to deepen their practice or try something new. 

Located in Belfast, opposite Ormeau Park and close to the City Centre, we look forward to your visit here at one of the major centres of yoga in Ireland.

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REIKI TRAINING Level I with Geeta and Dharmamitra

Date: Sat 11 - Sun 12 May 2024

Time: 9.30

Price: £200

REIKI is an art! The word “REIKI” comes from the Japanese tradition and can generally be interpreted as “Universal Energy”