T.R.E.E. Guide to Yoga Poses


T.R.E.E. Guide to Yoga Postures

By Jennifer Walsh-Rupakheti – Owner & Founder of Namaste Yoga Centre Belfast


If you are struggling with a Yoga posture, take a breath and remember T.R.E.E.

Try – Give it a go. Try the Yoga Posture and see how it goes. If you don’t try then you will not know what you are capable of

Relax – Remember to relax into the Yoga posture. When you tense up and try too hard, your muscles will contract. This means that you are tensing the muscles that you are trying to stretch. Ooch.  So relax and allow your body to gently stretch and release tension

Ease – Be gentle with yourself and your body in the Yoga pose. Don’t push and force. Go easy, slowly and gracefully through the posture. Remember, Yoga is not a competitive sport.

Enjoy – Smile, laugh and giggle. Take time to enjoy it. You are amazing!


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