Hot Asian Summer Broth by Julie-Anne

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Hot Asian Summer Broth

by Julie-Anne Mullan

On a recent stay in Singapore with my daughter, new mum to a 2-week-old, temperatures were in the 30degree C and needless to say I felt roasted!

How surprising therefore to notice that hot soup tasted extra good.

The inner heat induced by chili and ginger enhanced the miso, noodle and freshly chopped veggies.

I developed an appetite for this quick food!


Noodles of your choice (we like organic brown rice noodles or spelt spaghetti)

Miso paste (try to find non-GMO brand)

Selection of veg of your choice (we like yellow courgettes, spring onion, spinach/greens, peas, carrot)

Fresh Root Ginger

Fresh Chili

Fresh Garlic

Fresh coriander leaves


Firstly, prepare the veg

Finely slice the veg, we like to use a peeler to cut ribbons of courgettes and carrots (straight from our garden)

Finely chop the garlic

Finely chop the chili

Cut julienne of ginger

Now, Cook the noodles as per instructions on the packet

In a medium pot, put the veg and garlic and add enough water to cover, bring to the boil and cook until just cooked (you can have the veg raw if you prefer)

Add miso to taste (about 1 tablespoon per serving)

Add the coriander and cook for just a minute

Now, bring it all together. Add a serving of noodles to a bowl, next laddle in the veg and miso broth.

Lastly top with the fresh and raw ginger and a little chili (some chives, spring onions or more fresh coriander too)

That’s it! Delicious!

* for added protein add chicken, cashews, or haloumi/tofu


Julie-Anne Mullan

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