Nataraj Dance & Tarot with Geeta

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

Price: £22 - 25

Nataraj Dance & Tarot with Geeta

16 May 2024

6pm – 7.30pm

£22 – until 13May


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NATARAJ is a practice of free dance, conscious movement and meditation in motion. It cultivates a state of presence and clear mind that prepares the inner space to open the TAROT CIRCLE. 
It is an opportunity to experience tarot as a tool for self-awareness, growth and guidance in a group setting. An invitation to stop and dive into the rich and vast inner space where clarity comes and each person can see the moment in life reflected in the cards.
The circle also creates an opportunity to share impressions with the group and enrich the individual experience.

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Tarot is an ancient oracle of 78 cards that serves as a mirror of the soul, reflecting all aspects of the evolution of human life. 

The Tarot Circle is a group activity that offers an experience of using the Tarot as a tool for growth, guidance and clarity in the present moment. 

It includes meditation techniques to support the connection to a more peaceful, clear center and the interpretation of each person’s card, mirroring the present moment of life and its reflections in the group. 

It is an opportunity to stop the external movement, dive into oneself and see oneself reflected in the tarot cards, often from new perspectives. It can bring clarity, understanding, integration and direction. It is also a space for sharing, where insights and perceptions can be shared and the individual experience enriched by the experiences of the group.

For people who want to know themselves better, who are seeking clarity or a different way of looking at themselves, at a particular life situation, or for people who are interested in using tarot as a tool for self-awareness and meditation.

The workshop lasts 1h30min for groups of up to 15 people. It is good to have a cushion so that we can sit comfortably in a circle for a longer time. And most of all: open hearts ❤️


Psychologist, Reiki Master, specialized in therapeutic tarot and meditation facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in sessions, workshops, training and events. A lover of dance, art and free movement as a tool for self-awareness and meditation, she has developed women’s groups, Goddess Dance and is currently exploring Nataraj Dance & Presence. 

Since 2003 she has dedicated herself to the practice of meditation and retreat experiences with her Master Vasant Swaha in several countries such as Brazil, Norway, Thailand, Italy and India. Since 2005 she has been offering sessions at these international retreats and took part of the meditation facilitators for some years. An amazing and beautiful journey! 

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