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Managing Stress

…Managing Stress by Julie-Anne Mullan

Would you like to be on a tropical beach now, listening to the sound of surf, seeing children play at sandcastles feeling the warm sun on your body?

Relax now, joyful in appreciation of the sights, sounds and smells of this island retreat. Grateful for friends, family, health. Happy to nurture your body, and nourish the soul….in peace!

As you bring your mind back to the here and now, notice, as you let in one single thought about your career, self-image, lifestyle, and now another, that as sure as Monday follows Sunday, if muscles tense, adrenalin kicks in, your heart races……. you know you are in stress!

Do you know that normal levels of stress and relaxation combine to keep the body in balance and sustain us? Well, we need a bit of adrenalin (a stress hormone) to get us up in the morning when the alarm goes off, or we’d never get the kids to school, be in time for that meeting or catch a sale deal in one of the big stores. At best it could save your life to be alert and step out of the way of an oncoming bus. It happened to me, so I know!

Take stock now, for a moment. Are you physically exhausted? Feeling demoralised by the daily grind, doing your best to get through the day with sugar hits and coffee? If so, did you know that your adrenalin production is being maintained at an abnormally high level? And that this can lead to health problems?

Most people don’t recognise that they are ‘Stressed’. But most of us are.

Answer these questions as honestly as you can:

  1. Is there anything in your life that is causing you to feel under pressure or Stressed?
  2. Is this situation ongoing or temporary?
  3. Is there anything from your past that is still effecting you emotionally?
  4. Is there addictive behaviour? (Think! This could include studiously watching TV for hours, checking emails a hundred times a day, eating more than the required daily intake for your needs)

Before you get depressed reading your answers, don’t be hard on yourself! Everyone suffers from the effects of stress at some point. It’s a symptom of modern life.

However, if you feel that the effects are on-going and you think you could benefit from professional advice, firstly go speak to your GP, then learn how to manage your stress and how to relax. There’s plenty of professional help available across the Allopathic Medical field and the Natural and alternative approaches.


Julie-Anne Mullan, an experienced and accredited Energy Professional, is available by appointment at her clinic in Annalong or by Skype or phone.

Inspired by NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Systemic Consulting, and Energy Psychology, especially Emotion Code, EFT, her Life EnergeticsTM sessions offer you everything you need to know about how to manage your stress, your way. “The focus is on you!” says Julie-Anne.

To book a session now, phone Julie-Anne  +44 (0)28 4376 7972

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