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Absolutely the best yoga studio for the money. If you’re looking for a great workout, a mental getaway or just go there for the challenge of a 90 minute workout, Namaste Yoga Belfast is perfect. Excellent teachers who care about each and every yogi. A Yoga studio that has heart and soul. Cosy atmosphere and great class times options.


Amazing team!  Mary is brilliant (and has lots of patience) if you’re new to yoga like I was & prepares you so well for the next step- Keshav’s class which is challenging but you’ll get all the support you’ll need in great atmosphere from a charismatic teacher. I also love the workshops that Jennifer organises giving us opportunity to experience new things. Highly recommended!


A truly beautiful and special space. I highly recommend meditation and yoga here. Keshav has such infectious positive energy and Jennifer is so calm, warm and intuitive. Lots of peace, healing and laughter happens here.


If you want to learn yoga then this is the place to go. Keshav is a fabulous teacher and will guide you through what you have to do. It doesn’t matter if you have not done yoga before when you go to Namaste people are very friendly and welcoming and it becomes like a yoga community where everyone will become friends. I remember the first time I went here and seen Keshav teaching and just thinking yes this is the person I want to learn from. Keshav’s Workshops are brilliant and you will be amazed of how for you body can stretch when being taught to work with your breathing and instruction from Keshav. Namaste Yoga Centre also has other activities going on so don’t be let fear stop you coming along you will meet friends and could open you up to a new way of life. I have met lots of great friends through Namaste Yoga Centre.


I have been enjoying the benefits of Keshav’s wonderful, focused yoga sessions, workshops, mediation and yoga break’s over the last few years. The benefits of yoga are well documented, however Keshav’s skill, knowledge and mastery as a yoga teacher together with his serene, patient and caring manner undoubtedly make his classes unique and therefore maximises the benefits for all who attend.


I have been practising yoga with Keshav since 2006. Twice a week I look forward to the fun and challenges of the classes. It is a perfect environment to learn, have fun and clear your mind of your daily stresses.


I have been attending classes at Namaste since 2007; my experience there has been truly wonderful. Keshav’s teaching style is gentle and encouraging, which fosters an atmosphere of fun and possibility. The combination of posture work, breathing exercises and meditation has proved to increase my physical strength and flexibility as well as facilitating a general sense of calm and well being in my everyday living. This yoga practise has become an integral part of my daily routine.


If you think that Yoga is only for the spiritually inclined, come to Keshav’s yoga classes and discover the truth. Yoga is for anyone who wishes to move more freely, improve the quality of their breathing and become more relaxed. Keshav is a gifted teacher. His approach is down to earth, pragmatic, often humorous, friendly and infused with a strong sense of Keshav’s unfailingly happy outlook on life. You will not be afraid to laugh when you are with Keshav as he guides you gently and safely with clear and simple instructions into postures that will challenge you but never push you beyond your present capabilities. With Keshav, the ancient and authentic traditions of the motherland of yoga have come to me. I am privileged to have Keshav as my guru.


Having been practising yoga since 2002, in 3 different cities, I can honestly say that Keshav is the best teacher I have had and the one class that I have improved most in. Namaste Yoga Centre offers yoga classes for all levels and meditation classes that are easy to follow and thoroughly relaxing. Keshav’s easy manner and sense of fun make every class an uplifting experience.


I’ve been coming to Keshav’s yoga classes since 2009, and his classes are always such a pleasure. Keshav approaches classes with so much unfailing energy and good humour that you leave feeling invigorated, uplifted and inspired, with a smile on your face! Keshav is an expert and dedicated teacher who inspires his students to challenge their boundaries and feel the benefits of a dynamic yoga practice. Yoga has benefited me so much – not just physically in terms of energy and flexibility, but also helping me relieve stress and find a little more balance when life gets hectic.


Great yoga classes. Keshav brings Yoga to Belfast as it is taught in Nepal.


The best yoga class in the Belfast area. Mary, Keshav & Jill are fabulous teachers. Classes are welcoming and provide everyone with a challenge at their own level. Relaxation is well earned and the perfect end to the class. My weekly Monday class sets me up for the week! Thank you Namaste!


Practising yoga with Keshav at Namaste Yoga Centre has enabled me to build strength, stamina and flexibility within my body which has improved my focus on my life, work and given me peace of mind. Keshav’s gentle, humorous teaching style has enabled me to challenge my body and I look forward to my class every week.

Aisling (mother of 5)

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