Namaste Events in 2019 …

Coming up in Spring 2019…

Event Day and Date Time
March 2019
Hip Therapy – yoga workshop with Jill Hogan Sat 02 March 2019 10.30am – 1pm
Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop with Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Sun 24 March 2019 2 -4 pm
Easter Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop with Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Sun 14 April 2019 2 -4 pm
May 2019
Yoga for Kids Teacher Training with Cayetana Rodenas Fri 17 – Sunday 19 May 2019 Fri 1pm – Sunday 6pm

Past Events

Event Day and Date Time
Yoga for Kids with Sammia McCamphill Sun 10 Feb 2019 1-2pm
6 week Mindfulness Meditation course with Thurs 07 Feb 2019 8.15pm – 9.15pm
45 mins Express Yoga Class with Keshav Rupakheti Saturday 19 Jan 2019 10.30am – 11.15am
Yoga Fulness with Keshav Rupakheti and Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Saturday 19 Jan 2019 10.30 – 12noon
New Year Special Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop with Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Sunday 13 Jan 2019 2pm – 4pm
Christmas Special Mindful Self – Compassion Workshop with Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Sunday 16 Dec 2018 2pm – 4pm
Christmas Charity Mindfulness class with Bridgeen Rea-Kaya Thursday 18 Dec 2018 8.15 – 9.15pm
Christmas Yoga for Kids with Sammia Sunday 25 Nov 2018 2pm – 3pm
45 mins Express Yoga Class with Keshav Rupakheti Saturday 17 Nov 2018 10.30am – 11.15am
Mindfulness Workshop with Stephen Linton  Saturday 17 Nov 2018 10.30am – 12.30pm
Love Your Core! Masterclass with Mayella Almazan Saturday 03 Nov 2018 9.30am – 12.30pm
6 week Mindfulness Meditation course with  Thursday 18 October 2018    8.15 – 9.15pm
Halloween Yoga For Kids with Sammia McCamphill Sunday 28 October 2018 2pm – 3pm
Yoga Philosophy, Movement & Meditation with Swami Purnananda Puri Saturday 12 May 2018 9am – 1pm
Happy Shoulders Healthy Spine Yoga Workshop with Keshav Rupakheti Saturday 12 May 2018 10.30am – 12.30pm
Better Balance Yoga Workshop with Jill Hogan Saturday 14 April 2018 10.00am – 12.30pm
Moon Mother Level 1 Certified Practitioner Training with International Teacher, Healer and Author Miranda Gray Saturday 07 April and Sunday 08 April 2018 9.30am – 5.30pm
 Meeting The Crone – Workshop with International Teacher, Healer and Author Miranda Gray Friday 06 April 2018 9.30am – 5.30pm

Everyone is welcome to attend any of our events, you don’t need to be a Namaste student.

Click on the Event to find out more about it.

Please book into each event as soon as you can. Phone/text Jennifer 07966912953

Prepay options are available for some events, please check details.

Namaste, Jennifer and Keshav

Meeting The Crone – workshop with Miranda Gray

crone womb blessing


Workshop with author and healer Miranda Gray

Namaste Yoga Centre & Clinic

265A Ormeau Rd, Belfast


Friday April 6th, 2018



All women welcome !


This is a workshop about the Crone – who she is, what she brings to us and how we can embrace her gifts, whatever our physical stage of life.

In the workshop we meet her through story-telling and lie in her dark cave to restore our energies.

We open to her energies in a new Crone Blessing from Miranda. And we bring her wisdom into the world to guide us and others by creating wisdom cards.

When the world is too busy, too stressful and too noisy, we simply meet the Crone in the stillness of our soul.

Just for one day,
turn inwards,
and listen for the Crone within you.
Join us for a beautiful Crone day.


Facilitated by Mayella Almazan

For more information, visit her webpage

Happy Hips Yoga Workshop with Keshav Rupakheti

Yoga Workshop Belfast

Happy Hips Yoga Workshop

with Keshav Rupakheti (centre owner)

Saturday 17 February 2018

10.30am – 12.30pm


Please pay before Friday 02 Feb 2018

Pay any teacher at the centre or by bank transfer

Thank you,

Jennifer & Keshav


Loosen up your hips this February 2018!

A full body workout with special attention to releasing restriction from the lower back and pelvis.

Have you been doing yoga regularly for 3 months or more?

Then this class is suitable for you.

If you are injured or recovering from illness and not sure if this class is suitable for you – please contact us on 07966912953

Please book your place. Prepayment is required to hold your place. Either by bank transfer or cash.


Keshav Rupakheti

Founder, Owner & Principal Yoga Instructor of Namaste Yoga Centre, Belfast, UK

“Yoga is a life long Journey” Keshav Rupakheti

Watch Keshav being interviewed on ‘Voices of the New Belfast’.

Highly accomplished in many aspects of Yoga, Keshav provides professional training of the highest quality. His vibrant and dynamic approach to yoga ensures that his classes are highly energetic and fun-filled. Keshav teaches the Beginners and Intermediate Yoga classes at the centre plus the Saturday Workshops and his unique meditation classes.

Keshav studied Yoga full time with Swami Sachidananda Vishuddha Dev in Nepal specialising in Yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, yogic cleansing and yoga therapy. He has been teaching professionally since 1997.

Read “It’s a Yoga Life ” by Keshav Rupakheti

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May 2019 – Yoga for Kids Teacher Training with Cayetana Rodenas from Yoga&Kids

yoga kids teacher training belfast

Time: Fri 1pm - Sunday 6pm

Price: £400

3 - day course, mainly practical with some theory, in which you will experience how to be a kid again and connect with your inner child

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