Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Initiation 

Time: 11am

Price: £288

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Initiation with Sara McDonald

1st and 2nd July 2023

6 hours each day in person

£288 (please book by 01 May)

£308 after that

12 hours in person training plus manual plus 21 pos training micro dosing guided mentoring plus group final initiation ceremony

This Initiation is open to everyone whether you want to facilitate ceremonies or not. We will dive traditionally into the uses and the heart of the Mama Cacao as a Medicine. 

Our modern world is craving for depth and connection. People are feeling unfulfilled, lost and confused. The heart centre is shut and there seem to be no way out. 

In this initiation we will look into ways of opening your heart, and how the cacao medicine can be your ally. 

The initiation involves two days together as an immersion. An immersion into the heart. After our weekend together, you will embark in a continuous guided initiation journey for 21 days using the cacao microdosing. I will be with you along the way. And we will ‘close’ the cycle with a ceremony. 

If you have any questions please get in touch, 

this is a very profound journey that can bring a lot of healing into your life, remembering that you will only go as far as your soul is ready for.

This initiation is based on the Brazilian & Mexican traditions. 

In this live, I explain about all the topics that we will cover. Free free to watch –



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