Bodyrolling workshop with Jennifer Greenlees

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

Price: £29

Saturday 22 April 2023 – Earth Day

10am – 12.30pm


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Bodyrolling feels wonderful, like a relaxing massage that you can do for yourself anytime.  It is great for getting rid of stiffness, aches and pains. I will be teaching Bodyrolling at my upcoming workshop  at Namaste Yoga Belfast 265A Ormeau Road, BT7 3GG. Which is on Saturday 22nd April 10-12.30pm which is also “Earth Day”.

As it is Earth Day I thought I would mention the “grounding” benefits of bodyrolling. As you follow the different routines and learn how to roll out each part your body, you will find you notice certain muscles being tighter than others. This process of moving from being in your head a lot to being back in your body is called feeling grounded. You would be in your head a lot, for instance, if you job involves a lot of  thinking and concentration or if you spend a lot of time  planning in your mind for things in the future.

The concept of being grounded refers to a feeling of being stable, at ease, and consciously present in the here and now. When we are not grounded we are off balance and tend to reach for the wrong things like food, alcohol, cigarettes.

Bodyrolling makes great body maintenance. Like a massage it is great for coping with stress and is also very helpful between massages. Bodyrolling prevents the muscles from getting so tight so you are not just relying on your massage therapist or physio for help. It also improves circulation as it rolls through and tonnes your body and is also great for bone density. The list of benefits are endless! It also improves circulation as it rolls through and tonnes your body and is also great for bone density. The list of benefits are endless!

Sometimes we get stiff and sore from working long hours. Perhaps you are spending to much time at your desk or maybe your job is very physical with lots of heavy lifting. Bodyrolling makes fantastic self care as it realigns your body and prevents problems developing due to poor posture or repetitive strain. Great thing is once you have learnt how to roll your body you can do it yourself at home very quickly. I enjoy a bit of body rolling at the end of the day to relax and realign before bed.

If you would like to learn more about bodyrolling or buy your own ball or foam roller click on this link…

So come along and have a go or if you have already been before but need a kickstart to get back on the wagon again of rolling every day come along.  All equipment provided. Balls and Foam Rollers are also available for purchase. If you cant make a workshop I also have a fantastic online program 30 days of bodyrolling just 15 mins a day to teach you how to roll away stiffness aches and pains yourself at home. Helps you get into the routine of doing it yourself at home.

Looking forward to getting rolling!


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