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All classes are ONLINE (Centre will reopen Mon 31 August 2020)

2 options – watch a LIVE online yoga class or watch a RECORDING

LIVE Online – book below

REPLAYS – NOW available on VIMEO – recordings of all classes available to view on Vimeo

Level 1 – Easy – Suitable for ALL

level 2 – Beginners – Suitable if you are reasonably fit and healthy

Level 3 – Easier Intermediate – Suitable for those who have been doing yoga regularly for at least 6 months

Level 4 – Intermediate – Been doing Yoga regularly for at least 6 months – Our most challenging class – A Full Body Workout

Book your class below – we will then email you a link to the LIVE online class.

Book an Eight Week Session

All block bookings has been postponed until we reopen. Please check out our online yoga classes starting Thursday 19 March 2020

Intermediate Class Pass (1st on the drop down list)

Book now and start week beginning TBC. We will send you a confirmation email with start dates and any other info that you need. Block bookings will recommence when we reopen. You can also book by phoning Jennifer on 07966912953.  

1. Pay per Class – book into a class (above) or Drop in (it is £1 more to drop in)

Book yourself into single yoga classes using our Schedule & Booking system above.

Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please pick the date carefully.

Bookings can only be changed 48 hours or more before your scheduled class.

Please note that a booking can only be changed ONCE.

Please phone Jennifer 07966912953.

Namaste, Jennifer and Keshav

2. Eight Week Sessions

If you prefer to secure your place in a particular class each week, then the 8 week session may suit you better. It has the advantage of being better value too.

You can also book by phoning Jennifer on 07966912953.

All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

1 class per week for 8 consecutive weeks. Classes do not roll over.


45 Mins – Express Yoga £7 per class drop in

£20 for 4 classes online

(valid for 4 weeks. Only valid for the 45 mins classes. Does not roll over)

60 Mins – Absolute Beginners/Beginners £64 for 8 weeks (lunchtime – £60)

£9 online – per class

£10 – drop in

75 Mins – Easier Intermediate £72 for 8 weeks

£10 online – per class

£11 – drop in

90 Mins – Intermediate £75 for 8 weeks

£11 online – per class

£12 – drop in

75 Mins – Sunday morning 8 weeks – Not available

£10 online – per class

£10 – drop in