Schedule & Bookings

We are so passionate about You learning Yoga and we care that you progress week on week.

We craft our classes to fulfil Your potential in Your Yoga Practice.

2 options :

1. Book a single class (below) or

2. Prebook for 8 weeks (best value) – phone Jennifer at the office 07966912953

Details of rates are below the calendar.


#Christmas Opening hours

Closed – Mon 24 Dec – Sat 29 Dec

Open – Sunday 30 Dec 2018

Closed  – Mon 31 Dec – Sat 05 Jan 2019

Open – Sunday 06 January 2019

ALL classes resume from Monday 07 January 2019


1. Pay per Class – book into a class (above) or Drop in (it is £1 more to drop in)

Book yourself into single yoga classes using our Schedule & Booking system above.

Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please pick the date carefully.

Bookings can only be changed 48 hours or more before your scheduled class. Please phone Jennifer 07966912953.

If you are booking multiple classes and feel that there is a possibly that you may need to change a booking, then it’s best to book each class separately. It is easier for us to change the booking that way. Thank you for your cooperation.

Namaste, Jennifer and Keshav

2. Eight Week Sessions

If you prefer to secure your place in a particular class each week, then the 8 week session may suit you better. It has the advantage of being better value too.

Please contact Jennifer on 07966912953 for further information.

Online Booking is not currently available for eight week sessions.

All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

1 class per week for 8 consecutive weeks. Classes do not roll over.

Our Yoga Levels

We provide 26 weekly yoga classes from 60 to 90 minutes in duration.

And we have 4 levels of class

Absolute Beginners

New to exercise or feeling physically out of shape, then this Class is perfect for you.


A great introduction to Yoga and you don’t need any Yoga experience at all to do this level of class.

Easier Intermediate

Ready to move beyond Beginners?  More of a workout than Beginners, you will learn more challenging postures.


If you are looking for a Yoga Workout, then this class will suit you better. With 90 minutes of Sun Salutations, Asanas and Pranayama , you’ll be ready for the relaxation at the end.

Move up levels as you learn and your fitness, knowledge and strength improves.


60 Mins – Absolute Beginners/Beginners

£64 for 8 weeks (lunchtime – £60)

£9 online – per class

£10 – drop in


75 Mins – Easier Intermediate



£72 for 8 weeks

£10 online – per class

£11 – drop in

90 Mins – Intermediate


£75 for 8 weeks

£11 online – per class

£12 – drop in

75 Mins – Sunday morning


8 weeks – Not available

£10 online – per class

£10 – drop in