Rebirthing Breathwork & Family Constellations Trauma Informed Immersion

Rebirthing Breathwork & Family Constellations Trauma Informed Immersion

with Monica Pardees & Sara Drumond

28th-30th of June & 21st of July 2024

at Namaste Yoga Centre


Live hours plus

2 x 1-2-1 Breathwork sessions and

1 x Family constellation Intrauterine session (Zoom)


Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful technique for self-healing and emotional abundance. It promotes increased energy, healthier mental quality and alignment, mood awareness, and opening of the senses while healing trauma consciously.


The Immersion

When we map out a Family Constellation, we bring a new awareness towards our current life, while exploring previous life events from health issues, past traumas like accidents to adoptions and seeing the hidden dynamics in the family system. This therapy helps us recognise, see and change our perception towards then that leads to resolve deeply seated family patterns.

This immersion is dedicated to everyone on a path of self-growth whose commitment is to heal and live an empowered and transformative life. Experience ways to walk with the strength of your own life force (Prana), and the grace of living with awareness and an open heart. During this immersion you will also experience the healing effects of Family constellations or Ancestral healing.

✨Programme: Self-Development *Becoming Conscious of Yourself & Living from the Heart *Sustaining an Open Heart & Transforming Pain into Love *Breathing mechanism awareness *Family Constellation Introduction – How Ancestral healing help us release Intrauterine memories & Transgenerational trauma *Healing Intrauterine Memories

Contact hours – live in person

Immersion Information

✨Self Development Immersion: £600 if paid in full If paid in instalments £650 (Deposit plus £550 installment)


✨Investment includesall of the in person sessions + two 1-1 Breathwork sessions + one 1-1 zoom Family constellation Intrauterine session

“The wound is the place where Light enters you”


Namaste Yoga Etiquette

Please arrive on time for your class.

Please leave your shoes in the hall way.

Please bring all your personal belongings into the Yoga room with you.

Please remember to be quiet whilst waiting for your class to start. (other classes may be on)

Thank You

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Rebirthing Breathwork & Family Constellations Trauma Informed Immersion

Date & time

28th June, 2024

11:00 ‐ 17:00


Monica Pardees, Sara Drumond






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