Upside Down Memories by Oonagh

Headstand- Namaste Yoga BelfastHeadstand- Namaste Yoga Belfast


or Sirasana

This pose takes me back to childhood where I think I spent most of it upside down.

In those days it was easy.

When Keshav started doing headstands with us I was surprised that I could still do it,  I spent weeks either at the wall or gradually moving further and further away from it. Until one night Keshav said, ‘You don’t need a wall’, and he moved my mat into the middle of the room……!

I think its a bit like riding a bicycle you never really forget,  it’s just a little harder as you get older.

The beauty of headstand is you know you have got it right when it is effortless – it is such an invigorating energizing pose, it gives me so much joy!

Oonagh Linden

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