The Money Workshop: A transgenerational perspective on Money hosted by Mayella Almazan

Time: 7pm - 9.30pm

Price: £45


The Money Workshop: A transgenerational perspective on Money

hosted by Mayella Almazan from Yo Soy Gaia

Thursday 11 October 2018

19.00  – 21.30


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Most of us feel deficient in making, managing and growing money, and yet we do not understand how to change our relationship with it.

They say that “money does not grow on trees”. However, the way money is used by you is related to the history of economical wellbeing, to the stories of (im)proper financial management at home, to the inheritances gone wrong, in fact to the whole story of abundance/scarcity that can be found in your family tree.

In this way, we could say money DOES grow (or not) on trees, on family trees that is.

In a divorce, for example, until the issue of money is resolved, it may not be available to your children.

Or the story of the person who earns extra money and then goes on to get sick forcing them to spend the surplus. Why does it happen?

We all know how Inheritances divide families, but how can we manage an inheritance that leaves no wounds?

Have you heard of similar cases? These are all examples of unresolved family issues that are expressed through your money.

This is a workshop where you will be able to discover the unconscious dynamics with which you earn and use money in your daily life, as well as learn how to improve your economy.

I will also give you theoretical and practical tools on how to approach money to ensure it grows and flows.

We will also carry out a Movement of the Soul that will allow you to stop the family loyalties that affect your economy and that will support the energy change so that the money flows.

In this way you will embrace the conscious, emotional and energetic components related to your economy, carrying out a complete job.

Booking essential.


Mayella Almazan-Arreola, PhD is a Hellinger Sciencia® facilitator and Systemic Coach passionate about the impact of transgenerational and ancestral inheritance in our everyday lives. She is the Founder of Yo Soy Gaia ( and facilitates workshops worldwide.

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