Yoga Workshop with Keshav Rupakheti

yoga workshop belfast

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm

Price: £25

Yoga Workshop with Keshav Rupakheti

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Meeting The Crone – workshop with Miranda Gray

Time: 9.30am-5.30pm

Price: £130

crone womb blessing


Workshop with author and healer Miranda Gray

Namaste Yoga Centre & Clinic

265A Ormeau Rd, Belfast


Friday April 6th, 2018



All women welcome !


This is a workshop about the Crone – who she is, what she brings to us and how we can embrace her gifts, whatever our physical stage of life.

In the workshop we meet her through story-telling and lie in her dark cave to restore our energies.

We open to her energies in a new Crone Blessing from Miranda. And we bring her wisdom into the world to guide us and others by creating wisdom cards.

When the world is too busy, too stressful and too noisy, we simply meet the Crone in the stillness of our soul.

Just for one day,
turn inwards,
and listen for the Crone within you.
Join us for a beautiful Crone day.


Facilitated by Mayella Almazan

For more information, visit her webpage