02 Feb 2019 – Love Your Core! Masterclass with Mayella Almazan

Time: 10am - 1pm

Price: £35

core work

Love Your Core! Masterclass

Level 1

with Mayella Almazan (Yo Soy Gaia)

Saturday 02 February 2019

10am – 1pm


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This workshop is aimed at women and men of all ages who want to develop an increased awareness of their pelvicfloor muscles in order to improve their general physical condition and health.

� What are the workshop´s objectives?
– To become aware, care for and maintain good health of the pelvic floor musculature -the perineum- in all stages of life.
– To be able to relax, increase the #flexibility, activate and tone the muscles of the #perineum together with those of the rest of the body.
– To recognise and integrate our genital area.
– To prevent problems of urinary and anal #incontinence and/or prolapse.
– To maintain optimum blood flow in the area throughout life, but particularly during #postpartum and the #menopause.
– To discover and recover the energy and strength that exists in the #femalepelvis.
– To Improve the quality of one’s #sexuality.
– To prevent #lumbar pain and #backpain in general.

� What is the method used during this workshop?
This 3 hour workshop introduces participants to the method called “Periné, Integración y Movimiento®” -henceforth PIyM® (Perineum, Integration & Movement® in English)- a system of bodywork created with the aim of preventing and promoting the health and wellbeing of the pelvic floor by integrating it into the global nature of the body and of corporal movement.

The PIyM® method was created 20 years ago and is based on the practical and theoretical principles shared by Blandine Calais-Germain after a lifelong involvement with dance, physiotherapy and functional anatomy in France, as evidenced by her many books which have been translated and published throughout the world in many languages.

� What happens during the workshop ?
During the workshop, you will carry out a variety of enjoyable movements that will help both tone and increase the flexibility of the pelvic floor alongside the rest of the body. Some of these movement will activate the whole body, whilst others will activate specific parts of the pelvic floor. You will work mostly by yourself but also in small groups.


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